Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)


Susquehanna Fire Protection Company services Industrial MSA and Honeywell

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and performs Quantifit respirator fit testing.


Call 800-822-2105 for More Information.

Our services include:

  • Mobile Service Vehicles
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Manufacturer Specific NFPA Standard Flow Testing
  • DOT Hydrostatic Cylinder Requalification
  • Printed Service Report
  • Ultrasonic Face Piece Cleaning
  • Cleaning Supplies Available
    •           Disinfectants, Storage Bags, Wipes
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Here’s how the Quantifit works…

During a fit test, the respirator inlets are capped with test adapters, and the inhalation valves are removed from the mask. With the test subject holding his or her breath for no more than ten seconds, the Quantifit then establishes and maintains a slight vacuum, or controlled negative pressure, inside the mask. Since the respirator inlets are sealed, all sources of leakage into the mask are through the face-to facepiece seal. The volume of air drawn out of the mask by the Quantifit during this short period of time is equal to the leak rate into the mask through the face to facepiece seal.

It’s that simple….

– Highest Reliability – Fastest Results – OSHA Accepted – NFPA Compliant –

Susquehanna Fire Equipment Co Service and Repair

Warranty Repair and Service

Susquehanna Fire Protection Company is a warranty repair and service center for MSA & Honeywell SCBA units.

For more information please call (800) 822-2105.

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