Rescue Tools

Susquehanna Fire Equipment Company services hydraulic rescue tools. Call 800-822-2105 for More Information. Susquehanna Fire Equipment Service Truck

Warranty Repair and Service

Susquehanna Fire Equipment Company is a warranty repair and service center for rescue tools. Please call 800-822-2105 for services.
  • Mobile Service Vehicle
  • Factory Trained Technician
    •           Tech Level Certifications
      • Hydraulic Tech 1 & 2
      • eDRAULIC Tech 1 & 2
      •  Air Bag Tester
  • Air Bag Testing & Recertification
  • OEM Original Replacement Parts

Total Maintenance: Twin Line Tools and Pumps Includes:

  • Disassemble, clean and reseal reservoir.
  • Changing motor oil and spark plug on gas unit.
  • Test dual pilot check valve for proper operation.
  • Changing Hurst hydraulic fluid
  • Checking pressures and sequencing of low and high pressure
  • Disassemble, grease and Re-torque cutter blades/ or combination blades.
  • Check all hydraulic lines for wear and cut.
  • Check and tighten all hydraulic fittings and tips.
  • Replace all worn decals on tools.


  • Pressure Test
  • Disassemble working end of tool, grease and re-torque
  • eDRAULIC1 service plus de-airation and pressure adjustment
  • eDRAULIC2 service plus fluid change

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