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Turtle Plastics Tiles are tough interlocking poly-vinyl chloride cushion tiles.They are 12” x 12” x ¾ ” high with 81 sturdy feet, providing even support. The tiles have two locks on each side that allows them to be interlocked to form a large, sturdy matting system. They are ideal for matting hose beds and apparatus compartments.They can also be used in work areas that require cushioned surfaces, good drainage, as well as resistance to fungus, mold, and common chemicals. Turtle Tiles can be applied over virtually any surface on an emergency vehicle and can be mounted to any surface using the counter sunk hole in the corners of the tile.

Turtle Tiles meet or exceed most NFPA and OSHA friction recommendations. The new NFPA Coefficient of Friction (COF) for walking surfaces is a result of the dramatic increase of slips and falls off of emergency vehicles in the last few years.

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