Many consider the Res-Q-Jack line of products to be the best in vehicle stabilization equipment, and we are proud to continue to develop innovative designs in the field.

Res-Q-Jack® is your source for lifting struts, stabilization struts, extrication struts, rescue struts, and more. If you are looking for a rescue strut for vehicle extrication lifting and stabilization, you’ve found the strut source of choice.

Our lifting & stabilization technology and techniques are unmatched. Wheel resting, side-resting, roof-resting, or vehicles on top of other vehicles – Res-Q-Jack® is the right choice.

Finally, our applications go far beyond vehicle extrication to include confined space, forcible entry, light aircraft, collapse shoring, farm rescue, overhead door support, and more. Speed, simplicity, and versatility are the name of the game.

Aluminum X-Strut

The Aluminum X-Strut is our premium level strut, built from 6061-T6 aluminum and boasting a 10,000 lbs WLL without adding significant weight. With the X-Strut’s Add-On-Jack technology delivering 6,000 lbs of lifting power, this strut is heavy duty in a manageable package, allowing for easy deployment and the ability to focus on a potential victim inside the vehicle. Great for departments who see heavier vehicle accidents frequently or who want the added security of our highest working load, the Aluminum X-Strut is a lightweight but high-performance strut.

RJ3 Strut

With a mechanical 4,000 lb. built-in jack, the RJ3 Jack Stands boast infinitesimal height adjustment along with the ability to transition from basic stabilization to lifting in a matter of seconds. The Space Saver collapses to just about 3’, and the Standard RJ3 is the most customizable strut in the Res-Q-Jack® product line, with a simple tab-lock pin allowing for changes in base, head, or extension tubing.

Green LiteStrut

This light-duty strut packs all of the features of the X-Strut series, but measures in at a fraction of the weight. With a 2500 lb. working load, this strut is perfect for departments that see many compact car accidents. Using our smaller add-on jack designed for the strut, you also get an additional 2500 lb. of lift! The Green Lite is an affordable and lightweight way to outfit your rescue.

Space Saver Strut

The Res-Q-Jack® Space Saver™ Struts are the ultimate in stabilization and lifting struts. They are the answer to the common problem-storage. Without compromise to the strut working load, all the features of Res-Q-Jack®that have made this rescue tool a success have been packed into this workhorse that collapses down to an amazing 36.5” without any disassembly! Fully extended, it stretches to over 102”.

Steel X-Strut

The Steel X-Strut is a heavy duty and affordable addition to our X-Strut series. Filling the gap between our lightweight Green Lite and our premium Aluminum X-Strut, the Steel X-Strut combines the functionality of the X-Strut series with enough working load for all of your common rescue situations. The Steel X is the most advanced and well rounded steel stabilization strut on the market.

Super X

Featuring threaded collars in place of our standard pins, the SUPER X is our most intuitive strut, and fastest to deploy. And it’s not just effective for vehicle stabilization, lifting, and extrication. It’s also rugged enough for structural collapse, trench and mine rescue. The SUPER X comes standard with hollow inner tube for a lighter-weight strut, but may be purchased with a solid inner tube as well, for a higher working lo.




We build the equipment the way we do because we feel that what we offer is the best design possible. Our equipment has evolved through several generations as a result of first hand experience. However, we understand that there may be a desire to have things just a little bit different or even considerably different. With this in mind, we want to be sure you know that we will build equipment to suit your specific needs. These options include, but are not limited to tubing extension stops, base design, stop pin selection, extension length, collapsed dimension, number of telescopic sections, etc. We will continue to offer the basic packages, but we want you to know that we can accommodate your specific construction requirements.

  • Base Designs
  • Pin Types
  • End Fittings
  • Jack Units
  • Load Spreading Pad
  • Hooks
  • Straps
  • Chains
  • Pickets
  • Cribbing, Wedges, Stepblocks

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