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Hurst® Jaws of Life rescue systems have been instrumental in saving thousands of lives throughout their 30 year history. From race track beginnings in 1972 to the rescue heroes of today, Jaws of Life systems travel with more than 35,000 rescue squads, fire and police departments throughout the world.

During the past 30 years the Jaws of Life product line has grown significantly. New spreaders, cutters, rams, and very lightweight tools have been added to the world-renowned line. In 2005, Vetter pneumatic products was acquired to add high and low pressure airbags and many hazmat products. In 2006 Airshore International was acquired and brings to the Jaws of Life family of products quality shoring products. Continuous development of the product line continues in both the pneumatic and hydraulic areas as the Company strives to provide the finest, most reliable rescue products to its customers. (HSS = best suited for high strength steel).



One powerful, yet portable tool that can cut, lift, spread and breach doors with ease.

You need to arm yourself properly. And if you’re a firefighter in a tactical rescue or a law enforcement officer, the StrongArm from Hurst Jaws of Life can help you do just that. It provides you one powerful, yet portable tool that can cut, lift, spread and break down doors with ease. It also pries open car doors and cuts through rebar and security bars. Just make sure wherever you go, you have your StrongArm.


Honoring fearless rescues made by men and women who defy danger.

The Green Cross is the symbol of recognition for those who have used HURST Jaws of Life® products to save lives. It’s our way of celebrating the bravery shown by rescue teams worldwide. Since the program’s inception, we’ve acknowledged tens of thousands of men and women around the globe with this prestigious honor.

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