Relentless innovation

It’s what makes Vetter the global leader in developing technically superior specialized pneumatic products. We never stop listening, inventing, testing and demanding that our products meet the challenges of any imaginable emergency head on. Our cooperation with international emergency professionals, extensive experience in the widest range of rescue scenarios, and commitment to innovation have allowed us to change what’s possible on the rescue scene.

Wedge Lifting Bag


With continuous power, the wedge lifting bag is able to produce the required space for completing a rescue and quickly bring movement to the rescue safely.

  • Preparation for rescue of trapped persons
  • Preliminary work for restoring object to a normal position
  • Lifting height adapted to quick rescue of persons
  • Can be combined with Airshore Struts
  • 2 year guarantee

Lifting Bags


The superior ergonomics, durable construction and “diamond” surface tips make this tool the beast of the eDRAULIC™ spreader line. Its strength makes it perfect for urban disaster recovery and traffic accidents.

    • Low pressure point loading (max 1.000g/cm²)
    • Even lifting power over the whole lift path
    • High Flexibility – they hold the load around the edges- lifting and pushing is simultaneous
    • Operating pressure of 0.1 to 1 bar using a variable controller
    • Side walls made of high quality aramid
    • Patented galvanized valve connections enable reliable air intake even with rugged operation

S. Tec

S-Tec-Bag-copy S-Tec-Bag-Set-copy

With the S.Tec Bag generation you are equipped with the highest quality and most well designed product on the market. Many small details are combined in order to support you in the best possible way during your operations. With conversion to an operation pressure of 10 bar you achieve more power with fewer bags than ever before.

    • 25% more power with 10 bar operation pressure
    • Improved aramid reinforcement
    • Improved design with many practical details
    • Common insertion height of only 25mm/.98 inch

Mini Lifting Bags

Mini-Lifting-Bag-copy Mini-Lifting-Bag-Set-copy

The feature of the 8 bar mini lifting bag is the noiseless and jerk-free operation compared to other rescue equipment. With the mini lifting bag you are able to continually lift, push, pressurize or split heavy loads, even in a sloped position!

    • For stabilization of heavy loads
    • For application in earthquake regions
    • Transport accidents
    • After rock movement or landslides
    • In collapsed buildings
    • Insertion height from 2.5 cm/.98 inch
    • Slip-resistant surface
    • 3 year guarantee

Ultra Flat Bags


The Ultra Flat Bags have an insertion size of only 1.2 cm/.5 inch and are ideal for being the first equipment used at the operation site. The low air requirement and exceptionally easy handling enable the Ultra Flat Bag to be instantly operational, creating spaces for other rescue equipment needed.

    • For application in earthquake regions
    • Inflation with air or water possible – if required ask for further accessories
    • Maintenance – free and long-lasting
    • 3 year guarantee on material and manufacturing defects

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