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The VentMaster® 576-HD and 365-HD fire rescue chainsaws deliver the absolute best in cutting performance, built specifically for the fire service. Using professional level Husqvarna® power heads and Tempest exclusive after-market parts, no other saw compares in durability, reliability, cutting performance and cutting versatility.

  • Husqvarna X-TORQ Engine
  • Sealed & Protected Carburetor/Air Filter
  • Tool-Less “KIS-40” Depth Gauge
  • VentMaster COBALT Guide Bar
  • Centrifugal Force Air Cleaning System
  • Raptor Carbide Chain
  • Plated Steel Splash Guard
  • Angle Full Wrap Handle
  • One Step Start/Stop
  • “Smart Start” Decompression Valve
Model No. Part No. Bar Engine / HP Depth Guage Chain Weight
576HD-20-DG .404 TV400-050 20″ 5.7hp, 74cc Included (KIS-40) Raptor Carbide 24 lbs.
576HD-20 .404 TV400-048 20″ 5.7hp, 74cc None Chain 0.404 Pitch 23 lbs.
576HD-16-DG .404 TV400-051 16″ 5.7hp, 74cc Included (KIS-40) 0.063 Gauge 23 lbs.
576HD-16 .404 TV400-049 16″ 5.7hp, 74cc None   22 lbs.
365HD-20-DG .404 TV400-044 20″ 4.9hp, 71cc Included (KIS-40)   23 lbs.
365HD-20 .404 TV400-052 20″ 4.9hp, 71cc None   22 lbs.
365HD-16-DG .404 TV400-043 16″ 4.9hp, 71cc Included (KIS-40)   22 lbs.
365HD-16 .404 TV400-053 16″ 4.9hp, 71cc None   21 lbs.

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