The RavenCFS is our new revolutionary cylinder fill system. Its high-end, technically advanced features offer maximum user efficiency and flexibility with a unique four cylinder fill capacity speeding up the fill process.

Simplified maintenance, intuitive controls and a noise-inhibiting cabinet create an easy-to-use experience without sacrificing performance.

Product Description

The Raven product line is designed to meet most air demand requirements and includes models with a charging rate capacity range of 8 to 24 cubic feet per minute (CFM). All models feature compressors with a working pressure of 6000 PSI and include a vast array of advanced air flow controls that can be configured to meet exacting user needs.

Additional Information

The Raven world-class appliance cabinet designs are available with four (4) compressor sizes and packaged in three (3) configuration options as follows:

  • Licensed, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NTRL) manufacturer of electric motor control panels per UL® 508A standards.
  • UL® Classified SCBA containment fill stations.
  • The turn-key, single appliance RavenCFS breathing air system.
  • The TalonBAC breathing air compressor combined with our high capacity, versatile containment design SafeStationX4 fill station.
  • Each of the above can be fitted with your choice of ASME or ISO air storage cylinders, integral to the RavenCFS or SafeStationX4 appliance or in a separate rack mounted configuration.

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