MSA Cairns® XF1 Helmet with L1XF Integrated Lighting Module

MSA Cairns XF1 Fire Helmet | MSA Safety | United States

Features include:

Since the launch of the Cairns XF1 Fire Helmet, the integrated
lighting module continues to provide a new level of lighting for
firefighters. The next evolution—the L1XF Integrated Lighting
Module—is upgraded with the following features:
• Increased lighting output (120 lumens)
• New boost mode in addition to standard mode
• Improved shape of ON/OFF button

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MSA Cairns Leather Fire Helmets with the Boston Bend!

The Boston Bend is available for both N5A New Yorker and N6A Houston.


NFPA Compliant Bourkes for MSA Cairns Fire Helmets

Introducing NFPA compliant Bourkes for MSA Cairns® 1010, 1044, and 880 Tradition fire helmets. Combining the traditional look of Bourkes that were invented in the 1960s with modern materials, the NFPA compliant Bourkes satisfy the eye/face protection requirements as prescribed by NFPA-1971:2018, Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting. In addition to being compliant to NFPA-1971:2018, the NFPA comliant Bourkes are also compliant to ANSI/ISEA Z87.1:2015 as an impact protector (Z87+). Easy to deploy or stow, the new NFPA compliant Bourkes have an increased coverage area of approximately 20% over the original Bourkes.


Since 1836, Cairns has been the original manufacturer of leather firefighting helmets.

Today, Cairns leather helmets retain the same authentic look and quality that generation after generation of firefighters have relied upon. Cairns also applies the same tradition of excellence to its newer lines of firefighting helmets. Both traditional and modern designs feature the very best in contemporary high-tech materials, such as lightweight but durable fiberglass/Kevlar composites.



The F18 traditional style structural fire helmet combines the latest interior designs from Pacific Helmets. It comes with a 2 point chinstrap, a fiberglass reinforced composite shell and a brass 3D carved eagle front holder.



The F15 jet style fire helmet combines Pacific’s unique DuPont™
Kevlar and Fiberglass reinforced composite shell technology with an
advanced polymer chassis to revolutionize your firefighting experience.



The F6 modern style fire helmet can be fitted with a One Touch Eye
Protector™ (OTEP) and/or an external face shield. Additionally it comes
with a 2 point chinstrap, a fiberglass reinforced composite shell and an optional on-off base for mounting a torch.


The R5SL lightweight multi-purpose helmet offers a slightly longer cap style shell which enables it to fit a wider range of head sizes.


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