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The BlackhawkCFS is designed to meet the needs of variable demand fill operations. Its design, based on our continuous improvement philosophy, features a two cylinder fill station and at the heart of this system, our field-proven, 6000 PSIG air compressor. The BlackhawkCFS is certified for filling 5500 psig SCBA cylinders.

With all of the safety features Eagle is known for, plus carefully thought out organization and ergonomics, this integrated system easily meets the needs of most average-sized departments. The BlackhawkCFS includes features normally found on larger integrated systems.






Weight Lbs. (kg)

BH05C 5.8 (164) 5 5000 (345) 2485 (1127.2)
BH08C 8.6 (224) 7.5 5000 (345) 2490 (1129.4)
BH08F 9.5 (269) 7.5 6000 (414) 2530 (1147.6)
BH10F 14.0 (396) 10 6000 (414) 2550 (1156.7)

DIMENSIONS: 66″H x 64″W x 41″D (max) (167.6cm x 162.6cm x 104.1cm)
Weights do not include air storage cylinders.
*Charging rate based on filling an 80 CF cylinder from ambient to the maximum working pressure shown.

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