Gas Detection

Understanding Environmental Surveillance

Battery-powered, direct-reading instruments are classified as two groups: single-gas instruments or multiple-gas instruments, typically monitoring one or a combination of the following atmospheric conditions:

  1. Oxygen deficiency or enrichment
  2. The presence of combustible gas; and
  3. The presence of certain toxic gases

Depending on the capabilities of the instrument, monitoring can be conducted simultaneously for oxygen and combustible, or for oxygen, combustible gas and toxic gases. These devices are commonly referred to as 2-in-1, 3-in-1 or 5-in-1 alarms. No matter which type of instrument is used to check environmental gas concentrations, regular monitoring should be performed because a contaminant’s level of combustibility or toxicity might increase even if it initially appears to be low or non-existent. In addition, oxygen deficiency can occur unexpectedly.


To ensure the accuracy of all monitoring and detection equipment, calibration should be preformed regularly. If the instrument reading differs significantly from the values of the known standard, the instrument should not be used until it has been adjusted or, if necessary, repaired.

We offer Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly on site Calibration Services for your meter.

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