Portable Water Tanks

The practical answer for extra water supply for rural and forestry emergency needs

has proven to be Portable Water Tanks.


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Fol-Da-Tank® Company patented the first folding tank in 1954 and introduced it to firefighters who immediately recognized it’s value and quality. Fol-Da-Tank Company has proven to be the practical answer as an extra water supply for rural and forestry needs. The company designs and manufactures the tanks in 9 standard sizes with steel or aluminum frames available.

Self-Supporting tanks are another specialty that the company manufactures. Sizes range from 500-20,000 gallons. These tanks are used for rural and forestry emergencies.

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Since 2005 we have gone from a brand new business in the Firefighting industry to a leading manufacturer of Folding Frame Tanks, Self Supporting Tanks and related products. We attribute our success to our experienced design team’s innovative features, new products and our excellent customer service. Husky’s® patent pending “Easy Lift Handles” that are welded to the floor of our liners have been a huge advantage for the firefighters out in the field, and the big question is “Why wasn’t this thought of 15 years ago?” Well, Husky® invented it in 2005. We are constantly coming up with new designs and improving old ones. Husky® makes existing products better and new products the best.

portable water tank
portable water tank
portable water tank
portable water tank

SFEC participates in CoStars through the Emergency Responder Loose Supplies category under contract 012-85

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