LifePak Express AED

At the scene of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), there is no time to lose—
every minute that passes means less of a chance for a victim to be saved.
But no matter where or when SCA strikes, early use of a defibrillator is the
only effective treatment for ventricular fibrillation (VF), a potentially fatal
heart rhythm associated with SCA. Although not everyone can be saved
from sudden cardiac arrest, studies show that early defibrillation can
dramatically improve survival rates. The LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillator
from Physio-Control is designed to be used by the first person to respond
to an SCA victim—easily, safely, and effectively.

The LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillator is
a critical resource that is easy to use.
Once a first responder—a coworker
or simply someone nearby—activates
the device and applies the QUIK-PAK™
electrode pads to the victim, the
defibrillator analyzes the heart rhythm
and provides step-by-step instructions
via our calm, confident ClearVoice
prompts. The LIFEPAK EXPRESS is
designed to determine if a shock is
needed and the easy-to-locate, flashing
shock button alerts the rescuer to push
the button.

The LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillator
provides the most potent defibrillation
energy available.
An initial shock to an SCA victim is
delivered at 200 joules (200J), which
has been shown to be effective in
defibrillating the heart of a majority of
patients. However, because some people
are more difficult to defibrillate than
others—and may need more than
200J—the LIFEPAK EXPRESS has the
capability to escalate energy up to an
industry-leading 360J.

LIFEPAK® devices from Physio-Control
are the choice of professionals.
Although a rescuer may quickly respond
to a sudden cardiac arrest victim, time
can be lost in the transition to EMS.
That’s why the LIFEPAK EXPRESS and
all other LIFEPAK devices—the choice of
more EMS units around the world than
any other brand—use compatible
electrodes and other technology,
reducing the time it takes to transfer a
victim to the care they need.

The LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillator is
reliable and easy to own.
A readiness indicator lets you know the
defibrillator is prepared to do its job. And
the battery charger and electrodes have
a synchronized replacement schedule
that makes your maintenance program
efficient and affordable.


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