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As a global manufacturer of firefighting equipment and emergency response products, Akron Brass designs and develops products and systems that help you perform your job safely and efficiently.


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The UltraJet nozzle is all-in-one, combining both smooth bore and fog patterns. This nozzle has simple operations with no additional training required. Available with 1″ (25 mm), 15/16″ (24 mm), 7/8″ (22 mm) or 3/4″ (19 mm) tips. Low Pressure operation at 50 psi/3.5 Bar.

Mid-Range Turbojet Nozzle with Pistol Grip

The Turbojet is a constant gallonage nozzle (flow remains the same in all patterns) with multiple flow settings for operator flow control. Use the Turbojet one time and see why it’s the nozzle of choice by firefighters worldwide.

SaberMaster™ Electric Master Stream Nozzle

SaberMaster™ Electric Master Stream Nozzle

The SaberMaster nozzles are the only multi-purpose master stream nozzles in the fire service today. Find a distributor near you to learn more about the features and benefits of this combination nozzle.

Akromatic 2000 Foam Tube

Akromatic 2000 Foam Tube

The Master Stream Foam Tube Style #738 is designed to simply and quickly clip on the Style 5178 Akromatic 2000 nozzle. This foam tube will provide the capability to air-aspirate foam up to 6:1 expansion ratio with AFFF foam.

Revel Scout Tactical Scene Light – Standard Package (Includes one battery and charger)

This tactical LED scene light is designed to increase the safety of both firefighters and emergency responders. With versatile mounting options – set, hang, strap, spike – and a removable, rechargeable battery, the Revel Scout revolutionizes the operational ease of fire scene lighting. The Revel Scout combines a spot and flood light pattern of 14,000 lumens in a 12 lb. package, and the LED tactical scene light can be used to evenly light both entire exterior and scenes and interior spaces.

Light Head shown with base

Revel LED Scene Light Head (14000 Lumen / DC)

Turn any dark, hazardous situation into daylight with the Revel, Akron’s high powered LED scene light. With more capability than ever before, the Revel combines a spot and flood pattern into one powerful 14,000 lumen solution. Direct light evenly across your entire scene with the Revel’s enhanced pattern design.

  • Combination spot/flood optics
  • True surface mount
  • Push button swivel for simplified, efficient operation
  • IP 68 rated
3446 with 489 tip

MercuryMaster1000 5″ Storz monitor, 5150 nozzle, and mounting bracket

The Mercury Monitors are the newest innovation in firefighting equipment. These monitors are smaller than any other portable ground monitor so they can be quickly set up and left unmanned at the fire scene to free up personnel.

Apollo Single Inlet Portable and Deck Monitor, 5" Storz Ground Base and Truck mounting flange only

Apollo Single Inlet Portable and Deck Monitor, 5″ Storz Ground Base and Truck mounting flange only

Akron Apollo Monitors offer a variety of models with features to fit the ever increasing demands of the fire service with a durable, dependable and stable monitor.

Ozzie Master Oscillating Monitor with dual 2.5″ inlet ground base

The Akron Ozzie 922 Oscillating Monitor has a powerful, sweeping water stream up to 1000 gpm for high performance attack and exposure protection. Monitor with dual inlet ground base, 2-2.5″ NH inlets, 2.5″ NH outlet.

Mercury Quick Attack Monitor 2.5″ NH x 2.5″ NH monitor, 4445 nozzle, and mounting bracket

The Mercury Monitors are smaller than any other ground portable fire monitor, so they can be quickly set up and left unmanned at the fire scene to free up personnel.

Mercury Quick Attack LE – Portable Monitor

Hit Low, Hit Hard and Hit Far with the NEW Mercury™ Quick LE – Portable Monitor.

The Mercury Quick Attack LE sets a new standard in the market and is the only portable monitor that meets NFPA 1964 and EN-15767-1. It is compact and lightweight at 15 pounds and flows 500 GPM. Now even better, it can hit low at 10° and far up to 250 feet at 100 psi. Easy and quick to deploy, friction loss is minimal.


Mercury FlowGuard 3448

The Mercury FlowGuard is designed to reduce hazard risk for your crew and give them confidence while firefighting.

Not only does the FlowGuard protect your crew, but also your pump. When the hose or the monitor experiences excessive, potentially hazardous movement while flowing, the Mercury FlowGuard, will automatically reduce water flow.

Water Thief

Water Thief

For extending 1 1/2″ or 2 1/2″ lines without interfering with the operation of other lines.
– Self-locking Tork-Lok handles on each outlet for more positive handle positioning

Revolution Intake Valve (straight inlet)

Revolution Intake Valve (straight inlet)

Featuring a unique patent-pending handwheel design, the Revolution provides the operator more control and leverage for a smooth and easy operation. This revolutionary valve is constructed of corrosion-resistant, hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel with a powder coated interior and exterior finish for superior corrosion protection.

Intake Pressure Relief Valve

Intake Pressure Relief Valve

The Akron Brass pressure relief valve has been redesigned for easier pressure setting and adjustment at the factory and in the field. The new Style 53 is a direct replacement for the Style 59 and is 100% backwards compatible.

  • For mounting on main pump intakes with a four bolt flange.
  • Field adjustable pressure setting.
  • Brass construction
Revolution Intake Valve (swivel elbow inlet)

Revolution Intake Valve (swivel elbow inlet)

Compact Design
Its compact design saves valuable space on your pump panel.  The Revolutionary handwheel blends in with the body and will not obstruct surrounding equipment on the pump panel.

Easy to Operate
It’s also easy to grab and adjust, providing simple and easy operator control.   Utilizing a ball sector for controlling water flow, the Revolution is reliable and robust providing years of hassle free operation.

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