About Us

Susquehanna Fire Protection Company is a third generation company

focused on providing dependable products and quality service to our customers.

Mission Statement

Susquehanna Fire Protection Company is committed to our customers by providing the most innovative and advanced fire, safety and suppression equipment and services available today to protect lives and property. In addition it is our responsibility to grow and sustain our company to achieve profitability that will support our commitments and sustain growth for our customers, employees and suppliers.

Vision Statement

Susquehanna Fire Protection Company will be the #1 supplier of fire suppression  equipment throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We will grow in the future through strategically placed sales and service locations, with teams that will support and strengthen our customer relationships.

Max Foust Sr Susquehanna Fire Equipment Company

Max Foust, Sr.

Our Story

Susquehanna Fire Equipment Company (SFEC) was founded in 1951 by Max L. Foust, Sr. The business was started in his home, using his garage as a base for the fire extinguisher service business.  The garage was later expanded to include a fully functional hydrostatic testing and   recharge facility for all types of fire extinguishers.

As our products and services became more widely known, and with requests from local fire departments, SFEC expanded its facilities and  ventured into the sales of fire fighting equipment.  In 1981, Susquehanna Fire Equipment Company moved to its current location in Dewart, PA.

In January of 1984, SFEC was Incorporated and ownership   transferred to his children, Max L. Foust, Keith D. Foust and Linda (Foust) Confer.  Max, Linda & Keith have since retired from the business and now the grandson, Seth is serving as President.  In November of 2023, the fire department equipment side of the business was sold and we now continue business as Susquehanna Fire Protection Company. (SFPC)

Susquehanna Fire Protection Company employs approximately 30 associates.


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